I’m pleased to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress. Matthew’s investigative reporting has already gotten results. He’s shed light on dubious Chinese Communist Party influence on the Commerce Department, green energy corruption in the Energy Department, and a downright refusal by Congressional Democrats to show up to work.

Matthew has the skills to hold the Washington, DC bureaucracy accountable starting on Day One of a new Republican House Majority. He’s the kind of person we’re going to need in Congress.”

Robert O'Brien

Robert O’Brien

Former National Security Adviser

Matthew Foldi is a conservative fighter who knows what it means to put America first. As an investigative reporter he exposed the corruption of the Biden Administration as they tried to cut deals with Communist China behind our backs. I am proud to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress, the only true conservative in this race, and urge all America-loving patriots to do the same.”

Ambassador Richard Grenell

Former Acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany

I support Matthew Foldi’s campaign for Congress in Maryland. His experience as an investigative reporter demonstrates that he knows how to do inquiry. This will be vital when Congress looks at ways to ensure America’s vitality worldwide, especially as it relates to authoritarian regimes like China, Russia, Iran, and Cuba. “

Erik Bethel

Former American Executive Director at the World Bank

Matthew Foldi will be a breath of fresh air on Capitol Hill replacing the woke radicalism of The Squad with common sense policies that will benefit everyone in Maryland’s Sixth District. He knows sky-high gas prices, energy independence, jobs, crime, support for small businesses and entrepreneurs, rural broadband, and, of course, national security and defense are the key issues for Marylanders and will work every day to promote them. 

Matthew is a patriot who is a shining example of the bright hope for American leadership. He is smart, energetic, and driven–and will be a force to be reckoned with in Congress.  I strongly endorse his candidacy.”

Victoria Coates

Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Middle Eastern and North African Affairs

I am so happy to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress in MD-06. He has poured his heart, soul, and shoe leather into this race to reach voters. He cares about the issues that all Americans care about: Biden’s abdication of our leadership abroad, inflation, rising crime, the influx of drugs across our border, and sky high gas prices. Marylanders need a rising star like Matthew Foldi representing them in Congress.

Morgan Ortagus

Former State Department Spokesman

Matthew Foldi represents a new generation of common sense conservative leaders. He fought with us to take on the one-party monopoly in Annapolis, and I trust him to hold the career Washington politicians accountable. I am proud to endorse Matthew for Congress in the Sixth District. It’s time for all Republicans to unite behind Matthew and focus on defeating David Trone in November.”

Larry Hogan

Governor of Maryland

Matthew Foldi’s campaign for Congress is critical to taking back the Republican Majority and stopping the disastrous Biden Agenda. His experience as an investigative reporter will be crucial in helping our new majority hold this White House accountable. Matthew’s strong campaign has expanded the map and I’m confident he can oust another do-nothing Democrat and help us lead on Day One. I am proud to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress.”

Rep. Kevin McCarthy

House Republican Leader

I am excited to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress. We need strong, conservative fighters to help us defeat the Radical Left’s agenda and hold Joe Biden accountable, and Matthew would help usher in the next generation of Republican leadership. Having served as the youngest lawmaker in Congress when I was elected, I know Matthew would carry that torch and be an immediate asset to the new Republican Majority. Matthew has my complete support, and I look forward to serving with him when we take back the House.”

Rep. Elise Stefanik

House Republican Conference Chairwoman

Matthew Foldi is exactly the type of leader that Western Maryland needs in Congress—one who will show up and fight to finally give them the voice that Democrats have taken from them for the past 10 years.

During Matthew’s time as a conservative reporter, I worked closely with him to expose taxpayer dollars going to terrorists and mass murderers here at home and to push for strong American leadership abroad, especially when it comes to our allies like Israel.

We must flip this seat to stop the reckless spending of the Biden administration, restore energy independence in an all-of-the-above approach, and bring down the cost of gas and groceries.

I’m endorsing Matthew Foldi not only because he is the only one who can win this November, but because Maryland needs someone in Congress who cares about putting more money back into the pockets of everyday people.”

Don Bacon

Rep. Don Bacon


“Our Constitutional rights are under attack by radical Democrats across the country and we need leaders who will stand up and fight back. Matthew Foldi is a leader and a Constitutional Conservative who will always stand up for what’s right. I’m proud to endorse him and look forward to working with him to take our country back.”

Rep. Jim Banks


Matthew Foldi is running one of the country’s most creative campaigns for Congress. His previous work as an investigative reporter repeatedly held government accountable, and his energy and initiative is what a Republican majority will need next year. I’m proud to endorse him.”

Rep. Darrell Issa


I am so impressed by Matthew Foldi’s devotion to public service, his willingness to stand up for what’s right, and his commitment to our shared values. Our new Republican Majority will benefit immediately from having somebody with his investigative tenacity. I’m excited to endorse him for Congress.

“Western Maryland needs Matthew Foldi in Congress. Our region cannot risk letting part-time Congressman David Trone win reelection. Matthew Foldi will beat David Trone in November and begin holding the Biden Administration accountable on Day One. Matthew Foldi is Joe Biden’s worst nightmare.”

Rep. Carol Miller


“Democrats in Washington just don’t care about working Americans. While we suffer from catastrophic policies, House Democrats refuse to even show up to work. We need a new generation of leaders to stop the radical left and take our country back — and that’s why I’m proud and excited to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress.

During his time as a conservative reporter, I worked closely with Matthew to expose the corruption and lies of Democrats across the country. Western Maryland needs Matthew’s voice in Congress so we can finally Fire Pelosi and put a much-needed check on the Biden administration.”


Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks


“I’m proud to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress. Matthew is a true conservative who will stand for limited government and accountability. Our economy, our veterans, and our police are under attack by radical leftist policies. We need fighters to push back against them. Matthew Foldi is a fighter.

Rep. Barry Moore


I’m excited to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress. Retaking the majority is critical to putting America back on the right path, but having leaders who can fight for the people once elected is just as important. His experience as an investigative reporter is critical to holding the Biden White House accountable. Matthew has my complete support,”

Rep. Burgess Owens


I’m proud to endorse Matthew Foldi for Congress because he’s exactly the fighter Western Maryland needs in Congress.

Matthew’s reporting has exposed Biden administration corruption at the highest level. And he’s exposed the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party on the government. I’m excited for Matthew to join me in Congress.”

Claudia Tenney

Rep. Claudia Tenney


“Matthew Foldi is a patriot. I worked with him to uncover the Biden Administration’s disgraceful award of a $1.3B contract to a Chinese company to provide COVID-19 test kits to America. That’s like paying the arsonist for helping put out the fire. Matthew Foldi is the only reporter who exposed this gross betrayal of the American people. 

Matthew Foldi is a national security expert who will work with me to fight for our national defense, for our veterans, and for America. I strongly endorse Matthew’s candidacy and look forward to serving with him in Congress.”

Rep. Michael Waltz